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Sellers and contingencies

There are many legal issues that can affect selling your home. Once both parties reach an agreement and signs a contract, certain contingencies must be preformed. Typically in Chicago, there are three standard contingencies that protect both parties.

First, the financing contingency. With this contingency, a buyer needs to obtain a loan before the sale is final. The buyer is not required to go through with the sale, if they cannot secure a loan.

Second, an inspection contingency. This contingency specifies that the property is inspected to the buyer's approval. Making repairs prior to listing your home can be highly beneficial. If the house needs a lot of repairs, buyers might gain the upper hand in negations, causing you the seller to settle on a lower price or it can allow buyers to remove themselves from the transaction if there is an excessive amount of flaws found with the property.

And, third, the attorney review contingency. In this contingency, both the seller's and buyer's attorneys review the contract.

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