Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Closing costs for Sellers

What kind of closing costs can I expect when I am selling my home?

First, let me clarify that I consider realtor commissions, taxes, title related fees, etc all to be "closing costs." Others may only call title-related fees "closing costs."

For Sellers, the largest closing cost tends to be the Realtor commission. This commission is typically 5% of the sale price. The next largest cost is real estate property taxes. In Cook County, we pay property taxes in arrears - which means that in 2011, we are paying the 2010 property taxes. So when you sell your home, you must give a property tax credit to the Buyer for the time you spent in your home in the current year. This property tax credit can be negotiated and a formula is used to calculate the actual amount. The remaining costs include title related fees, city, county and state taxes.

Overall, Sellers can typically expect to pay around 8% of the sales price in total closing costs. This includes the Realtor commissions of 5%, taxes and title related fees. For example, on a $200,000 home, the Seller can expect to pay around $16,000 in total closing costs. Again, each transaction is different, and if no Realtors are involved, the closing costs will be much lower since there will be no commissions to pay.

Whether you live in Chicago or the suburbs, if you are trying to sell your home contact our office immediately so we can begin working on the documents. Our office phone number is 312-238-9298.

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